Beartown State Park

Open April through October

Roam the boardwalk at Beartown State Park and stand in awe of the ancient and magnificent rock formations that surround you. 

Made of one large rock formation that splits into sections and clefts large enough for walkways, Beartown State Park is noted for its massive boulders, overhanging cliffs and unusual rock formations. Compromised of Pottsville Sandstone, formed during the Pennsylvanian Age, faulting and erosion capped the mountain and left 'sunken streets' in a 'town of rocks.' Huge rock formations, deep caves and dark corners invite the imagination to speculate if bears really do inhabit the vicinity. 

Donated to the Nature Conservancy by a private landowner in 1970, the Department of Natural Resources acquired the property and a few years after, designated it a state park. 


683 Droop Park Rd

Phone 304-653-4254
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GPS Co-Ordinates Latitude : 38.030588 Longitude: 80.163135

4 miles south of Hillsboro on Rt 219